Tokyo Kaikei Group Tax Co. is a certified public tax accounting firm and is composed of members who have the national tax accountant license.

We offer reliable and proven services to our clients in specialized fields including International taxation.



We provide total support for labor issues at work. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with labor issues, pensions and so on.

Our Motto

We will contribute to the development of the company and the improvement of employee satisfaction through various helps that people in your company will be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

Human resource is an important factor for a company, but in recent years number of troubles between the company and its employees have been increasing. In addition, it is difficult to understand laws and latest regulations, such as the Labor Standards Act. Therefore, it is possible that you violated laws without intention.

Our motto is “Easy-to-understand service”. We will explain carefully and give advice until the customer is convinced. We will provide best services that satisfy our customers.

We provide total support for labor issues at work. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with labor issues, pensions and so on.

Value of Social Insurance Workers

What is the role of social insurance worker to companies?
What benefits do you get if you ask a social insurance worker?
As a social insurance worker, we can provide the following benefits to our clients.


If you hire an office worker for payroll calculation, labor insurance and social insurance, the labor costs including social insurance fees will occur. However, if you outsource those procedures to a social insurance worker, you can reduce the costs.


We will substitute for various procedures such as entering and leaving employees. Our clients will be freed from those time-consuming works and be able to concentrate on their business.


Social security workers are qualified national labor specialists. With deep knowledge of labor law and hearty counseling, we will prevent various potential problems between the company and the employees. It will also reduce unnecessary expenses.


We deliver latest and timely information that is useful for management of your company such as labor management, human resource development, latest legal amendments and subsidies.


We will provide following services,

Outsourcing of payroll calculation and various procedures related to social security service.

Management of entry and exit, data entry, close examination, issue of pay statement, bank transfer, management of paid leave, payment of resident tax and withholding tax, revision check of tax and insurance, payment of premium, update of payroll calculation software, etc…

We can protect personal information such as family information, special allowance paid, salary of the president and so on.

Application for Subsidies

Subsidies are provided to a specific company which has met certain requirements. The company doesn’t need to repay and can choose its use of the money.
Although these subsidies are quite beneficial to the company, most of companies have never received these subsidies.

The reason is because ···

  • The system of subsidies is relatively complicated and are frequently changed, so many companies do not know what kind of subsidies they can apply.
  • Procedure of application is troublesome
  • Many preparations are required before its application. For example, a company may be required to have some documents such as book keeping, labor list, payroll book, attendance book and so on.
  • A company is violating laws and regulations such as nonpayment of overtime work.

we can propose appropriate subsidies for your company and totally support complicated procedures of application. 

Preparation or Revision of Rules of Employment

Rules of employment define the rights and obligations of the employees. These rules need to be revised regularly.

Preparation of the Rules of Employment for foreign nationals

The number of foreign nationals working in Japan reaches 1.5 million in 2018 and it has been increasing every year.

Tokyo Roumu Group supports preparation or revision of the Rules of Employment including the regulations on salary, retirement allowance, business travel expenses and so on. We translate the Rules of Employment into English for Foreign-National Employees.

Please consult us, when your corporation employs or plans to employ foreign nationals.

Office Locations

Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Hitoyoshi, Yatsushiro