Labor and Social Security Attorney Services in English


 Due to the globalization, the low birthrate, and aging society, the number of foreign workers is increasing in Japan. Labor management in English, the universal language, will rise in importance from now on. However, without specialized knowledge about Japanese labor management, it is difficult to explain about rules of employment, labor insurance or social insurance to them even if someone in your office is just proficient in English. Japanese laws about labor insurance and social insurance are complicated and covered by many different topics, and they are hard to understand even for Japanese. No one can explain what they don’t understand.
 Also, if foreign workers are employed without enough understanding of rules of employment or employment contracts, it will cause some labor troubles. Since they tend to dislike vague expressions, every explanation should be clear in detail and delivered in writing.

Our services below are provided in English.

1. rules of employment
2. pay slips
3. employment contract
4. explanation about procedures based on Japanese laws to your employees

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Pay slips
Notice of employment